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Stephanie Dang's process video showcase: Creative techniques with Hip Kit Club

Welcome, crafters! Today we're diving into the colorful world of scrapbooking with Hip Kit Club's very own Stephanie Dang. Stephanie's process videos are a treasure trove of inspiration, showcasing innovative techniques using our exclusive Hip Kit Club products. Let's explore some of her recent creations and learn how you can recreate these stunning layouts at home!

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1. Large-scale backgrounds with cut files

In this video, Stephanie shows us how to use the "Spring Flowers Pot" cut file as a stunning large-scale background. She expertly combines elements from the May 2024 Hip Kits to create a layout that's both bold and beautiful.

Key products used:

2. Mixed media magic with cut files

Stephanie takes mixed media to the next level in this video, combining the "Color Block Camera" and "Leafy Wreath" cut files with various elements from the May 2024 Hip Kits. The result is a textured, dimensional layout that's sure to wow!

Featured products:


3. Adding color with the main kit

In this tutorial, Stephanie demonstrates how to create a vibrant layout using just the Main Kit from May 2024. She shares clever techniques for maximizing your kit and adding pops of color to your projects.

Must-have items:


4. Making cut files pop

Stephanie shares a quick trick to make your cut files stand out in this video. Using the April 2024 Hip Kits and the Mandala cut file, she creates a layout that's both eye-catching and elegant.

Key components:


5. Ten ways to make a cut file fun

Get ready for a creative explosion! Stephanie demonstrates ten different techniques to make your cut files more exciting using the April 2024 Hip Kits and the Mixer cut file. This video is packed with ideas you'll want to try immediately.

Essential kits:


6. Creative ways to use dies

Stephanie gets inventive with the filmstrip dies in this video, showcasing the April 2024 Hip Kits. She demonstrates how to use dies in unexpected ways to add interest and dimension to your layouts.

Featured items:


7. Color and stitching tutorial

In this Scrapfest mini-class, Stephanie combines color and stitching techniques to create a unique and textured layout. She uses the April 2024 Hip Kits to demonstrate how you can add depth and interest to your projects with these simple techniques.

Must-have products:


8. Incorporating dies and stamping

Stephanie shows us how to creatively incorporate dies and stamping in this video featuring the March 2024 Hip Kits. She shares clever techniques for combining these elements to create layered and visually interesting layouts.

Key components:


9. Adding color with other mediums

In this tutorial, Stephanie explores different mediums to add color to your scrapbook pages. She uses the March 2024 Hip Kits and a floral wreath cut file, demonstrating techniques with watercolor markers to create stunning effects.

Essential kits:


10. Three cut files in one layout

Stephanie takes on the challenge of incorporating three cut files into a single layout in this video. Using the March 2024 Hip Kits and some mixed media techniques, she creates a complex yet cohesive design that's sure to inspire.

Featured items:


We hope you've enjoyed this roundup of Stephanie Dang's amazing process videos! Remember, you can find all the products featured in these tutorials on our website. Happy crafting, and don't forget to share your creations with us on social media using #hipkitclub!