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7 Inspiring scrapbook embellishment process videos you need to watch

Welcome, scrapbook enthusiasts! We've got a real treat for you today. Our talented Hip Kit Club design team members have been hard at work, creating some truly inspiring embellishment process videos that are sure to get your creative juices flowing. From unique ways to use kit embellishments to making your own custom embellishments from scratch, these videos cover it all.

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1. Create unique embellishments with June 2024 Hip Kits

In this Sunday Fun-Day Live video, our design team member shows you three exciting ideas for making unique embellishments using the June 2024 Hip Kits. This video is perfect for those looking to add a personal touch to their scrapbook pages.

June 2024 Embellishment Kit

The June 2024 Embellishment Kit is packed with gorgeous elements that you can transform into one-of-a-kind embellishments. From layering techniques to mixed media applications, this video will inspire you to look at your kit contents in a whole new light.


2. Unique ways to use Main Kit embellishments

Miss Carrie shares her creative process using the May 2024 Hip Kits, showcasing a unique way to use embellishments from the Main Kit. This video is a must-watch for anyone looking to maximize their kit's potential.

May 2024 Embellishment Kit

While this video focuses on the Main Kit, the techniques can easily be applied to the May 2024 Embellishment Kit as well. Learn how to combine different elements to create stunning layouts that truly stand out.


3. Creating with floral scrapbooking embellishments

Antonia Sherlock demonstrates how to create beautiful layouts using floral embellishments from the May 2024 Hip Kits. If you struggle with using patterned paper, this video is a game-changer!

May 2024 Embellishment Kit

The May 2024 Embellishment Kit features stunning floral elements that can elevate any scrapbook page. Antonia's techniques will help you create depth and dimension using these beautiful embellishments.


4. Make embellishments stand out on your scrapbook page

Morag Cutts shows how to make embellishments pop on your scrapbook pages using the April 2024 Hip Kits. Learn how to add layers and textures to create stunning, dimensional layouts.

April 2024 Embellishment Kit

The April 2024 Embellishment Kit includes wooden embellishments that Morag expertly combines with mixed media techniques. Discover how to use colored gauze and other elements to add texture and interest to your pages.


5. Make your own embellishments

Brandy Vaughn presents a mini-class on how to make your own embellishments using Hip Kit Club supplies. This video is part of the HKC Scrapfest and is perfect for crafters who love to add a personal touch to their projects.

February 2024 Embellishment Kit

While Brandy uses various kits in her tutorial, the techniques can be applied using elements from the February 2024 Embellishment Kit. Learn how to create custom embellishments that perfectly match your scrapbook theme.


6. Close-up look at the August 2023 Embellishment Kit

Get an up-close and personal look at the August 2023 Hip Kit Club Embellishment Kit. This video showcases all the gorgeous elements included in the kit, giving you a sneak peek at what you can create.

July 2024 Embellishment Kit

While this video features the August 2023 kit, it's a great example of what you can expect in our current July 2024 Embellishment Kit. These close-up looks are invaluable for planning your projects and getting inspired.


7. Another look at the August 2023 Embellishment Kit

This video provides another detailed look at the August 2023 Hip Kit Club Embellishment Kit. It's always helpful to see the kit contents from different perspectives to spark your creativity.

July 2024 Embellishment Kit

Again, while this showcases an older kit, it gives you a great idea of the quality and variety you can expect in our current July 2024 Embellishment Kit. Use these videos as inspiration for how to use your kit contents in innovative ways.


Featured Products

Check out these amazing embellishment kits used in our videos:

Product ImageTitleDescription
July 2024 Embellishment KitJuly 2024 Embellishment KitThe latest embellishment kit packed with versatile elements for your summer projects.
June 2024 Embellishment KitJune 2024 Embellishment KitA beautiful collection of embellishments perfect for early summer scrapbooking.
May 2024 Embellishment KitMay 2024 Embellishment KitFeaturing stunning floral elements to bring your spring layouts to life.
April 2024 Embellishment KitApril 2024 Embellishment KitIncludes unique wooden embellishments perfect for adding texture to your pages.
March 2024 Embellishment KitMarch 2024 Embellishment KitA versatile kit with elements perfect for spring-themed layouts and projects.
February 2024 Embellishment KitFebruary 2024 Embellishment KitA versatile kit with elements perfect for winter and Valentine's Day themed layouts.
January 2024 Embellishment KitJanuary 2024 Embellishment KitStart your year right with this kit full of fresh and inspiring embellishments.

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