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Hey there, crafty friends! 🎨

Welcome to another exciting adventure in the world of scrapbooking! Today, we're diving into the creative universe of Sarah Millerhouse, who's sharing her new layout inspired by the talented Morag Cutts. Sarah's taken Morag's beautiful layout and added her own unique twist, using elements from different kits to create a page that's truly her own.

Sarah's layout is a masterclass in layering and texture. She's used a patterned paper from the March main kit and added elements from different kits to create a stunning, realistic-looking bouquet. She's even added craft foam behind some elements for that extra bit of dimension. It's like a 3D movie, but for scrapbooking!

But the creativity doesn't stop there. Sarah's also used a stamp and archival ink to mimic a similar layout she'd seen before, adding coffee stains and other wet mediums to create a unique look. She's even used shimmer paints and other products to add depth and interest to the project. It's like she's got a magic wand, but instead of casting spells, she's creating scrapbooking masterpieces!

Sarah's also shared some handy tips and tricks for creating a similar layout. She's cautioned against using black ink that is water-soluble with wet mediums, recommending archival ink instead. She's also suggested ordering main kits to have a variety of elements to use in layouts. It's like having a scrapbooking toolbox at your fingertips!

In her process of creating a scrapbook page, Sarah's used materials from various kits, hand-cutting some elements and distressing the edges for texture. She's used fabric pieces, journaling blocks, frames, and chipboard frames to create depth and draw attention to the photos. It's like she's building a scrapbooking skyscraper, with each layer adding more and more interest.

Sarah's also added craft foam to her photos to make them the same level as the chipboard frames, and then added more craft foam behind the photos before setting them up on top. She's used cheap craft foam from local craft stores and added her own adhesive, using a combination of wet and dry adhesive and a little touch of glue to all elements that are stickers. It's like she's a scrapbooking architect, carefully constructing each element to create a cohesive design.

Finally, Sarah's added small details to her scrapbook pages, such as foam epoxy dots and Nouveau drops, to add texture and interest. 


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