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Mixed media made easy: Daniela Janke showcases the May 2024 Scrapbook Kits

Get ready to be inspired! In this fantastic video, our talented design team member Daniela Janke demonstrates the incredible versatility of the May 2024 Hip Kits. Daniela's creative prowess shines as she guides us through a mixed media layout that's both stunning and accessible. Her step-by-step approach makes complex techniques look effortless, proving that with the right tools and a bit of guidance, anyone can create beautiful mixed media projects. Don't miss out on more amazing content like this – be sure to subscribe to the Hip Kit Club YouTube channel here!


In this captivating video, Daniela Janke takes us on a creative journey using the May 2024 Hip Kits. She demonstrates various techniques to create a stunning mixed media layout, showcasing the versatility and quality of the products included in the kits. Daniela's clear instructions and helpful tips make it easy for crafters of all levels to follow along and recreate her beautiful design. The video not only highlights the products but also emphasizes the value of subscribing to Hip Kit Club for exclusive designs, discounts, and a supportive crafting community.


Unleashing creativity with the May 2024 Main Kit

At the heart of Daniela's mixed media masterpiece is the May 2024 Main Kit. This kit is a treasure trove of creativity, packed with an array of papers, embellishments, and tools that form the foundation of any scrapbooking or mixed media project. Let's dive into what makes this kit so special:

May 2024 Main Kit

The May 2024 Main Kit is a carefully curated collection that brings together a harmonious blend of colors, patterns, and textures. It's designed to inspire your creativity and provide you with all the essentials you need to start your mixed media journey. From vibrant patterned papers to versatile cardstock, this kit offers a diverse range of materials that can be mixed and matched to suit your unique style.

One of the standout features of this kit is its versatility. Whether you're a seasoned mixed media artist or just starting out, you'll find plenty to work with. The papers can be torn, cut, or layered to create depth and interest in your projects. The included embellishments add those perfect finishing touches that can elevate your work from good to great.


Adding dimension with the May 2024 Embellishment Kit

To take her mixed media layout to the next level, Daniela incorporates elements from the May 2024 Embellishment Kit. This kit is all about adding those extra special touches that make your projects pop:

May 2024 Embellishment Kit

The May 2024 Embellishment Kit is a mixed media artist's dream come true. It's filled with an assortment of dimensional elements that can add depth, texture, and visual interest to your projects. From delicate die-cuts to chunky embellishments, this kit provides a wide range of options to suit any style or theme.

One of the great things about this embellishment kit is how it complements the Main Kit. The colors and styles are designed to work seamlessly together, making it easy to create cohesive and professional-looking projects. Whether you're adding a subtle accent or a bold statement piece, you'll find just what you need in this kit.


Exploring color with the May 2024 Color Kit

Color plays a crucial role in mixed media art, and the May 2024 Color Kit provides Daniela with a fantastic palette to work with. Let's explore how this kit can transform your projects:

May 2024 Color Kit

The May 2024 Color Kit is a celebration of hues and tones that can breathe life into any project. This kit typically includes a variety of mediums such as mists, paints, or inks, all carefully selected to coordinate with the other May 2024 kits. The beauty of this color kit lies in its versatility – you can use these products to create backgrounds, add splashes of color, or highlight specific elements in your layout.

What's particularly exciting about the Color Kit is how it encourages experimentation. You don't need to be an expert to use these products – they're designed to be user-friendly and forgiving. Whether you're creating subtle washes of color or bold, vibrant effects, this kit provides you with the tools to express your artistic vision.


Capturing memories with the May 2024 Pocket Life Kit

While Daniela focuses on a larger layout in the video, the May 2024 Pocket Life Kit is perfect for those who love to document life's little moments:

May 2024 Pocket Life Kit

The May 2024 Pocket Life Kit is designed for memory keepers who love to capture the everyday moments that make life special. This kit typically includes a variety of journaling cards, small embellishments, and coordinating elements that are perfect for pocket scrapbooking or card making. The beauty of this kit is its ability to simplify the memory-keeping process while still allowing for creativity and personalization.

Even if you're not a pocket scrapbooker, don't overlook this kit! The elements included can be easily incorporated into traditional layouts, mixed media projects, or even used for card making. The versatility of the Pocket Life Kit makes it a valuable addition to any crafter's stash.


Adding a personal touch with the May 2024 Leaves Cut File

To add a unique and personalized element to her layout, Daniela uses the May 2024 Leaves Cut File. Let's see how this digital asset can enhance your projects:

May 2024 Leaves Cut File

The May 2024 Leaves Cut File is a digital design that can be used with electronic cutting machines to create custom die-cuts for your projects. This particular design features intricate leaf patterns that can add a natural, organic element to your layouts. The beauty of cut files is their versatility – you can resize them to fit your needs, cut them from various materials, and even use them as stencils for mixed media techniques.

In her video, Daniela demonstrates how to incorporate the Leaves Cut File into her mixed media layout. Whether you use it as a background element, a focal point, or a subtle accent, this cut file adds a professional touch to your work. It's a perfect example of how digital and physical elements can come together to create something truly unique.

Bringing it all together

As Daniela's video demonstrates, the true magic happens when you combine elements from all these kits. The May 2024 Hip Kits work together seamlessly, allowing you to create cohesive and stunning mixed media projects with ease. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced crafter, these kits provide you with the tools and inspiration you need to express your creativity.

Remember, the Hip Kit Club offers both monthly subscriptions and individual kit purchases, so you can choose the option that best fits your crafting style and budget. Don't forget to check out the Hip Kit Club Facebook Group for more inspiration, monthly challenges, and a chance to connect with fellow crafters from around the world.

Ready to start your mixed media journey? Head over to to explore the May 2024 kits and much more. Happy crafting!