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10 Creative Scrapbooking Techniques with Elisa Fornezza and Hip Kit Club

Elisa Fornezza Hip Kits Scrapbooking Process Video Designer Showcase

Looking for fresh scrapbooking ideas? Join Hip Kit Club design team member Elisa Fornezza as she showcases innovative techniques using our exclusive kits. From mixed media backgrounds to intricate die cuts, these projects will inspire your next layout!

1. Mixed Media Magic

Elisa kicks things off with a stunning mixed media background using the May 2024 Hip Kits. She combines ink blending, stamping, and die cuts to create a layered, textured base for her layout.

In this video, Elisa walks you through creating a gorgeous mixed media background. She starts with a blank canvas and builds layers of texture and color using various techniques. You'll see her blend inks to create a soft, dreamy base, then add depth with stamping and stenciling. The real magic happens when she incorporates die-cut elements from the May 2024 Pretty Florals and Leaves Metal Die Set, creating dimension and visual interest. Elisa's tips for balancing colors and textures will help you achieve a cohesive look in your own mixed media projects.

Get the look with our May 2024 Main Kit and May 2024 Embellishment Kit. The floral die cuts add the perfect finishing touch!


2. Patterned Paper Perfection

Sometimes a gorgeous patterned paper deserves to be the star. Watch how Elisa builds a layout around the "Memories Captured" paper from the May 2024 Main Kit.

Elisa demonstrates how to make the most of a beautiful patterned paper in this tutorial. She uses the "Memories Captured" paper as her foundation, showing how to complement its design without overwhelming it. You'll learn techniques for layering embellishments, incorporating photos, and adding journaling in a way that enhances the paper's pattern. Elisa shares her thought process for choosing coordinating elements and creating a balanced composition. This video is perfect for those times when you have a patterned paper you absolutely love and want to showcase.

Grab the May 2024 Main Kit to recreate this eye-catching design. Don't forget to add pops of color with our coordinating Color Kit!


3. Stamping Sensations

Stamps are a versatile tool for any scrapbooker. Elisa demonstrates creative ways to use the April stamp sets in this inspiring layout.

In this video, Elisa explores the creative potential of stamps in scrapbooking. She works with the April stamp sets, showing various techniques like layering stamps, creating backgrounds, and adding subtle accents. You'll learn how to use different ink colors to achieve depth and dimension, as well as tips for precise stamping. Elisa also demonstrates how to combine stamped elements with other embellishments for a cohesive look. Whether you're new to stamping or looking to expand your skills, this tutorial offers plenty of inspiration.

Find these stamps in our April 2024 Pocket Life Kit and April 2024 Color Kit. They're perfect for adding custom touches to your projects!


4. Layered Loveliness

Elisa shows how to create depth and interest by layering elements from the April 2024 Main Kit. This technique is perfect for showcasing multiple photos or telling a story.

Layering is a key technique in scrapbooking, and Elisa takes it to the next level in this tutorial. She guides you through the process of building a multi-dimensional layout using elements from the April 2024 Main Kit. You'll see how she creates clusters of embellishments, uses foam adhesive for added depth, and incorporates textural elements like thread and stitching. Elisa shares her tips for achieving balance and visual flow in a layered layout, ensuring your page looks intentional rather than cluttered. This video is packed with ideas for making the most of your scrapbooking supplies.

Start layering with our April 2024 Main Kit. The coordinating embellishments make it easy to achieve this look!


5. Geometric Genius

Think outside the box with Elisa's unique approach to using rectangular embellishments. This layout proves that sometimes breaking the rules leads to stunning results!

Elisa challenges traditional scrapbooking layouts in this video by focusing on geometric shapes and patterns. She demonstrates how to use rectangular embellishments in unexpected ways, creating a dynamic and modern layout. You'll learn techniques for arranging elements to create visual interest, balancing negative space, and incorporating photos into a geometric design. Elisa also shares tips for adding texture and dimension to flat shapes, making your layout pop. This tutorial is perfect for scrapbookers looking to push their creative boundaries and try something new.

Create your own geometric masterpiece with the April 2024 Main Kit and April 2024 Embellishment Kit.


6. Fantastic Foiling

Add a touch of shine to your layouts with Elisa's foiling techniques. She demonstrates how to use foil with die cuts and stamps for eye-catching effects.

Foiling adds a luxurious touch to any scrapbook page, and Elisa breaks down the process in this comprehensive tutorial. She covers different foiling methods, including using adhesives, heat-activated foil, and foil-friendly dies. You'll see how to add foil accents to die cuts, create foiled titles, and even foil directly onto your background paper. Elisa shares her tips for achieving clean, crisp foiled elements and troubleshooting common foiling issues. Whether you're new to foiling or looking to refine your technique, this video offers valuable insights and inspiration.

Get started with foiling using our April 2024 Main Kit and April 2024 Color Kit. The possibilities are endless!


7. Cut File Creativity

Elisa showcases the power of cut files in this video, using them to create a bold title and intricate background elements.

Cut files are a scrapbooker's secret weapon, and Elisa demonstrates their versatility in this tutorial. She walks you through the process of choosing and sizing cut files for your layout, then shows various techniques for incorporating them. You'll learn how to use cut files as titles, background elements, and even as stencils for mixed media effects. Elisa shares her tips for adhering delicate cut files and adding dimension to flat designs. She also demonstrates how to customize cut files with ink, paint, and other embellishments to make them uniquely yours.

Access exclusive cut files with your March 2024 Main Kit subscription. Pair them with our Cardstock Kit for endless design options!


8. Pocket Life Perfection

Take your pocket scrapbooking to the next level with Elisa's tips for combining elements from multiple kits. She creates five stunning pocket pages in this tutorial.

Pocket scrapbooking is a popular way to document everyday moments, and Elisa takes it to the next level in this comprehensive tutorial. She creates five diverse pocket pages, demonstrating how to mix and match elements from different kits for a cohesive look. You'll learn strategies for balancing photos with journaling cards, incorporating embellishments in small spaces, and creating visual flow across multiple pockets. Elisa shares her process for telling a story through pocket pages and offers tips for maximizing your supplies. Whether you're new to pocket scrapbooking or looking to refresh your approach, this video is packed with ideas and inspiration.

Get started with our March 2024 Pocket Life Kit and add extra flair with the Main Kit embellishments.


9. Ink Blending Brilliance

Elisa demonstrates how to use inks creatively on your layouts, combining them with glittery paste for a unique effect.

Ink blending is a versatile technique that can transform your scrapbook pages, and Elisa explores its potential in this tutorial. She demonstrates various ink blending methods, from soft, dreamy backgrounds to bold, vibrant effects. You'll learn how to use different tools for blending, including brushes, sponges, and blending tools. Elisa shows how to layer colors for depth and dimension, and shares her tips for achieving smooth gradients. The highlight of the video is her technique for combining ink blending with glittery paste, creating a stunning, shimmery effect. This tutorial is perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of artistry to their layouts.

Experiment with ink blending using our February 2024 Color Kit. The coordinating Main Kit provides the perfect base for your inky creations!


10. Fussy Cutting Finesse

In this final video, Elisa shows how fussy-cut elements can add incredible texture and detail to your layouts. It's a labor of love with stunning results!

Fussy cutting is a time-honored scrapbooking technique, and Elisa demonstrates why it's still relevant in this detailed tutorial. She guides you through the process of selecting elements to fussy cut, sharing tips for choosing designs that will have the most impact. You'll learn techniques for precise cutting, including how to navigate intricate details and create smooth edges. Elisa then shows how to incorporate these fussy-cut elements into your layout, using them to add depth, texture, and visual interest. She offers creative ideas for layering fussy-cut pieces and combining them with other embellishments. This video is a must-watch for anyone looking to get more mileage out of their patterned papers and create truly unique layouts.

The February 2024 Main Kit is packed with fussy-cutting potential. Pair it with our Embellishment Kit for even more layering options!


Ready to Get Creative?

Elisa's techniques showcase the versatility of Hip Kit Club's exclusive products. From mixed media to pocket pages, there's something for every scrapbooker. Head to our shop to grab the latest kits and start creating your own inspired layouts!

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