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Hey there, scrapbooking enthusiasts! 🎉

We've got a treat for you today. Our very own Sarah Millerhouse has just dropped a new video that's all about creating a stunning scrapbook layout. And guess what? It's all about the magic of April kits and a beautiful April cutfile - Rainbow Scallops! 🌈

Sarah starts off by diving headfirst into her past color kits, pulling out all sorts of goodies to create a gorgeous gradient of pink, orange, and yellow. It's like watching a sunset on paper, folks! 🌅

But wait, there's more! She's not just layering colors, she's layering products to create a wash effect on the background. And when things get a little messy (because let's face it, creativity can be messy), she's got her trusty paper towel at the ready to blot up any rogue areas.

Now, here's where things get really fun. Sarah's got her Cricut out and she's cutting a rainbow scallop background cut file. This isn't just any cut file, though. She's turning those rainbow scallops upside down for a totally unique look. And she's not stopping at one color. Nope, she's adding pink, orange, and purple to those scallops and even throwing in some glitter paste for good measure. ✨

Sarah's got some pro tips for us too. She suggests using patterned papers stacked together, but with a twist. Pair busier patterns with more solid colors in between to avoid overwhelming the layout. And don't forget to layer different colors and textures, use embellishments and flowers from the April kits, and create clusters of embellishments to add interest to the layout.

She's also sharing a scrapbook page she created using floral clusters and circles punched out of paper. The pictures on the page are from Mother's Day, and she admits to being a little behind on scrapbooking (aren't we all?). But the result is a beautiful layout featuring the phrase "make every moment count" and various decorative elements such as hearts, a clock, and flowers. 🌸

So, what are you waiting for? Watch Sarah's above and get inspired! And don't forget to subscribe for more videos and information on ordering kits. Sarah's always ready to answer your questions in the comments section.

Happy scrapbooking! 🎨🖌️

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